Monday, April 30, 2012

A few months behind...

We are a few months behind in picture posting... This is all about 5 months!

At five months, which was last month, Caitlyn started to eat real baby food. She loved it! She gets so excited when she sees the jar, she could literally eat the entire thing!

The scooting has started. She is all over the floor. She goes and goes and goes.

She has learned to put her binkie in her mouth... sometimes she gets it backwards...

This is her classic scooting position... I think it is so precious...

After a few times practicing, she gets her binkie in her mouth the correct way...

Month five was busy, but fun! What a precious little girlie she is!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A yellow flower for his mama

 My son likes to pick me flowers. They are my favorite color, yellow, and they are from my favorite young man in the entire world. 

He came home from playing with our neighbor, just to give me a flower, this flower!

I love them, I love him. I feel loved by him.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

One of our family traditions when it comes to Christmas or Easter is to have what we call Holiday Rolls or as I refer to them, "Heaven on a plate"... They are of course, low fat, low in sugar and they have absolutely no carbs. :) However, since I normally made a double recipe, they do have 2 sticks of butter, 2 cups of brown sugar and 2 packets of cook and serve Butterscotch pudding, all melted together and poured over Rhodes Dinner Rolls. The rolls sit on the counter over night, uncovered to rise, and cook for a few minutes in the oven the next morning and it is FABULOUS! Again, it is a little bit of Heaven on a plate!

We went to church, we prepared the food for our afternoon lunch, we played outside and of course I took pictures!

Andrew made Prime Rib, we had salad, fruit and more of our morning delight, Heaven on a Plate. We had fresh margarita's, coffee, Root Beer Floats and when our "dinner time" was over, we snacked on what was left!

Isaac got to do a little egg hunt in the back yard. The eggs were cute little ducks and frogs filled with candy. I bought the cute eggs a few years back and he LOVES them!

Papa, Nana, Uncle Tim and Aunt Esther came over. Nana made Caitlyn's Easter outfit!

We played games together, on our phones and iPads of course :)

Isaac got the guns that go with his cow boy hat in his Easter basket.

He sure does make the cutest cowboy I have ever seen!

He got to dye a few eggs at school too and he made a little basket for them so when we dyed eggs on Saturday, we just added them to his basket, it was the center piece on the table!

Caitlyn, I tell ya, I loved dressing her for Easter. Like I mentioned, her Nana made her skirt and sweater. She looked absolutely adorable!

Her brother got his traditional new shirt to wear with shorts and they looked just precious. Isaac asked me to spike his hair with gel before we went to church because his shirt had a guitar on it and he wanted to look like a rocker. It was fabulously adorable!

As the day went on, we played outside. We hung out as a family. We laughed, we celebrated Jesus' resurrection in true party form!

There were bubbles and new back yard toys, such as a Spiderman Frisbee.

Caitlyn hung out in the swing. Her brother loves to push her and she loves to swing - it is a match made in heaven!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Few Eggs....

We got some eggs and some dye from the Dollar Store. We had some of our beloved friends over on Saturday and colored eggs and did a little egg hunt in the back yard.

Aren't these kids the cutest kids ever?

The kids did such a good job carefully putting the eggs in the cups of colored dye.

Silly Faces!

Proud kids after all their eggs were colored!

The kids hunted for eggs in the back yard and each got their very own cowboy hat. It was so precious!