Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at our house..

Christmas at our house was wonderful! I pray yours was too!

We decorated a tree.

We took lots of naps! Daddy has worked lots and having a new born baby in the house means we sleep as often as we can! Family nap time is restful, peaceful and treasured!

We watched the Bronco game.

We opened presents!

We ate lots of yummy food, counted our blessings and enjoyed eachother!

We played games! Minute to Win It was a part of our annual family triva game. We played board games and word games! We laughed and we loved!

Such a fun time of year to be a mama! Such a fun time of year to be a child of God and see how He provides for us over and over! Such a fun time of year to celebrate!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Her + Him = Them










Pictures of both kids taken at 3 weeks old, by the same dear friend of mine... precious memories of my sweet kids! I love you Corrie!

Pictures of Him taken on November 10, 2007
Pictures of Her taken on November 9, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beautiful Girl

Dear Daughter of Mine -

You are at home in your daddy's arms!

You are beautiful.

I carried you in my womb, your were created by my Lord, and you were healed by Him too.

You sleep when you want to... even if it isn't when I want to.

You are awake and alert and love to watch what is going on around you!

Your smile is breath taking!

You are beautiful my precious girl, just beautiful!

I love you sweet one!

Love, Mama

Pictures taken by CLB Photography.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

May your day be blessed and filled with family, laughter, love and Jesus.

Love, Andrew, Mary, Isaac and Caitlyn Vigil

Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Hats and Frosty

Nana made Isaac and Caitlyn Santa Hats this year and they are adorable!

I cannot get enough of this sweet girl in her hat! She might just wear it well into the new year it is so stinking cute!

We went to visit Santa this year, it was a stress free trip, lots of fun and the hats were a huge hit!

While we waited in line to see Santa, Isaac saw Frosty the Snow Man. We have been watching lots of Christmas movies this year and so far Isaac's favorite has been Frosty, so we had to have a picture!

Santa picture to come... Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Tree in 2011

Our Christmas stuff is packed away, because we were suppose to be moved by now, but we aren't... yet... we will move soon, just not yet... so, when you have a little boy who loves crafts, you make a tree!

A foam tree, some stickers, some holiday snacks, Strawberry milk, snow outside and mama, makes for a fabulous tree decorating morning!

We had a great time decorating our tree this year!

I am so emotional about it that I will likely keep this tree and put it out every year as a reminder of simple abundance!

For the past two years, we have packed and unpacked and not moved. We have looked at rental house after rental house, we have prayed and we have learned lots. We have lived with less, but not gone without. We have our stuff packed as we wait for the perfect place to be delivered from the Lord. we have laughed, we have rested and we have loved. I have learned less is more, sticky is fun and home is where my family is, not where my stuff is set out for all to see. It has been a blessing!

Our tree has not gone without either, it is simple, yet perfect. It has presents under it and even a train!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Isaac: Also known as Joseph

Isaac had his Christmas play at school. He played Joseph.

He sang songs and even had a small speaking part in the play... Mama made a video and will hopefully someday post it...

But for now, here is Joseph.

Mama made his costume from a few T-shirts.

He did great!

We went to Chic-Fil-A for Milk Shakes after!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quiet Time for Two

These two have quiet time in the playroom together almost every day. It is adorable!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

This little boy...

LOVES to bounce!

We hung out with Papa Roy's family on the Friday after Thanksgiving...

... and Aunt Lorraine rented a bounce house for the kids...

... Isaac LOVED every minute of it...

... I really think this boy might need a trampoline of some sort when we move into a house with a yard... he loves to bounce and it was really fun to watch him and listen to him laugh!

Thank you Lorraine for a fun day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Bath - Big Brother Helped

My sister came to visit with her daughter one night and she took pictures of the kids. She also took pictures of Caitlyn's first bath, which was fabulous because I had my hands full!

Isaac helped give his sister a bath!

Caitlyn loved the bath, she must take after her brother, because he loves the bath tub too!

Isaac helped me wash her from head to toe!

All was calm until it was time to get out of the water...

Precious girl... all clean and smelling good!

I am so blessed to have pictures of such a fun family memory!