Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing from Up Above!

The pack and play sits in the corner right next to our couch and the arm of the couch is the perfect height for Isaac to sit on and play with his sister... from above!

He will sit on the arm of the couch and talk to her, sing to her...

... get her toys for her...

... and just be with her!

He loves his sister and she loves him. I love watching them play together, even if it means Isaac sits on the arm of the couch and plays with Caitlyn from above! It is adorable. This boy can make his sister laugh and laugh and laugh! And I love to watch them play and listen to them laugh!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fort

Our living room has had a fort in it lately...

... a little TV time, some brother/sister time, in side the tent...

... tears and smiles...

... we are loving our days at home with blanket forts built by daddy!

Friday, February 24, 2012

House: Our Bedroom

One of the places I love the most in our house is our bedroom. It is the place where we get to rest and retreat. It was important to me to make sure it was peaceful and comfortable.

The two green quilts were made by Grandma Postma, Andrew's grandma and I can say without a doubt that as she sewed each piece she also prayed over us. I love those quilts. I treasure them. I wrap up in them and feel protected.

From my side of the bed I can see pictures of our wedding, some more wedding flowers, the sword that I gave my husband on that beloved day and pictures of our two children.

I love falling asleep looking at those things!

This chair is where I nurse Caitlyn in the middle of the night but it is also the place I cover up with a Grandma Postma quilt and spend time talking to Jesus about my beloveds. We talk, I journal, I read and I listen in this chair. It is the perfect place to meet with Him.

We have some wedding pictures around the room...

... and we share every inch of the closet, his clothes are on one side, mine are on the other, we have some clothes in the middle and shoes are tucked into every corner possible!

We also have our own bathroom, which we share every inch of as well. There is no one I would rather share with than my man!

I love this room, it is the perfect shade of green, thanks to my daddy who painted it for us and it is just the perfect peaceful retreat!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House: I love....

I love that my kids hang their coats and backpacks under a scripture that says He is their constant source of stability; He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom and He will give all these things to those who fear Him.

It takes the pressure off me to be perfect.

I love that I have a place to write. I desk to study at. A place to blog and a place to work.

I love that the wall leading up the stairs is filled with hand painted artwork. Watercolor paintings done by my MorMor and paintings hung beside them that are done by Isaac. I cannot wait to add Caitlyn's art to our collection.

I love that my husband knows me well enough to order me the most perfect present and then fill it with wine that I would like, just so I can feel special at the end of the day.

I love that my books are unpacked. I love that can study to write and read to get to know Him, all in different places in our house.

I love that there are snow boots by the back door. I love that we have a back door that leads to a yard that still has snow in it.

I love the colored pencils on the kitchen counter that remind me that a kid who is learning every minute of every day lives here.

I love that our entry way is out in the open. I love that it looks like a family lives here.

I love the reminders of my beloved Nhyja, I love her collar and the pictures that adorn our home.

I love that coloring books, homework, bills, mail and a baby monitor all sit together on our entry way cubbie.

I love that there are sprinkles of our wedding flowers all over the house. It reminds me that this all started with two people, well, it started because the Lord chose us for each other and therefore, we are one. Together, even if we are tired, hungry, annoyed, happy, loveable, laughing, crying or just still, we are one. It started with us, on the day we promised to do this thing called life together, no matter what.

I love it because it is not ours, it is His. He provided this home for us, we don't own it, we just live here and call it home. It is perfect.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House: Kids Bedroom

The kids share a room. Isaac has wanted "Sister" to sleep with him in his room since we were at the townhome. So, when we moved, they got their own room, together!

The house needed no painting (with the exception of the master bedroom), so the rooms were already the colors I love. Thank you Jesus! The kids' room is the perfect shade of brown, for a boy and a girl.

We removed the doors to the closet and put the crib in the "nook". Isaac and I made Caitlyn a nightlight out of ribbon, tule and Christmas lights. There is a special heart that hangs down that Isaac made for her before we moved.

Above the crib sits some of my stuff from when I was a baby/little girl. Dolls, American Girl Books, and beloved keepsake items. Some of my favorite stuffed animals keep the dolls company and a hand painted Scripture canvas painting sits in the corner.

Caitlyn's crib is decorated with brown and pink linen's, a baby quilt made by Grandma Postma and a precious doll that Caitlyn cannot sleep with out, not to mention the famous hat that keeps her warm at night.

In Isaac's neck of the room, sits his bed, a toy box full of stuffed animals, the cardboard spaceship he and his daddy made, that is used as a laundry basket and an airplane!

The airplane hangs from the ceiling and is one of Isaac's favorite things!

Scripture and pictures adorn the walls. Mama needs to get some pictures of Caitlyn framed and matted and mounted, but that will come shortly!

They sleep here, they rest here and they are here together. Often times I will hear Isaac talking to "Sister" before he falls asleep. It is sweet to listen in on them through the monitor. He talks to her and she "coos" back at him. It is precious.

So far, it hasn't been too hard for them to share a room, the late night feedings don't wake up Isaac, there have been times when Isaac has gotten up in the night and Caitlyn sleeps right through it all.

Happy Birthday Nana!!!!

Before you were Nana, you were a mama! And I have had the honor of being married to your one and only son for a little over 7 years now. You are a woman I love and admire and today is your Birthday!

You have given me so much wisdom. Every time we are over at your house and you are cooking you always ask me to help, you have taught me how to cook, you have encouraged me to bake and you have inspired me to try new things!

My daughter has your name. And I am so proud of that. You are a woman who loves the Lord and is grounded in wisdom and grace. Your prayer life is something that inspires me. Your walk with the Lord is real and honest. Your love for people is humbling.

You raised a man who is respectful. You raised him to be wise with his words and to be patient with those he loves. You raised him to be an amazing husband and father. I cannot thank you enough!

The family you have given me is so special to me. Thank you for including me in your family!

I have learned a lot by watching you love Papa. I have learned how to love and serve those I love. I have learned to love people more than things. I have learned how to open my house to my son's friends and family.

I love the relationship you, Esther and I have. I love that we can enjoy each other. I love that we can shop and talk, sit pool side and read and just be honest and real with each other.

Happy Birthday! I love you!

Monday, February 20, 2012


I couldn't help but blog twice in one day, they are just so adorable!

Isaac: 4 years old
Caitlyn: 4 months old

House: The Playroom

Our home has three bedrooms, and with two kids one would think we would use the bedrooms for the kids. But, when we lived in our townhome we created a play space for Isaac under the stairs in a closet. We learned the value of having a play space for the kids. So, at Isaac's request, the kids share a bedroom (more on their room tomorrow), and the kids have a playroom.

The playroom is often messy. The toys are out, being played with, the train track runs across the floor and Caitlyn is often found in her bouncy seat just hanging out with her brother.

Isaac and Caitlyn are very blessed with their own TV. They are able to watch movies on the Wii and sometimes Daddy rents a special movie from the Red Box. They also spend time together watching movies that are just for Caitlyn, movies Isaac watched when he was younger, he sings along and Caitlyn laughs and laughs!

On most days, we have time during the day that we call no TV time, they can still play in the playroom, but the TV cannot be on...

...Spider Man, Buzz and Woody often come out to play...

...books come off the shelf and are read over and over again...

...stuffed animals are everywhere...

...Thomas and his friends are always busy running on the tracks, they often share space with the Monster Trucks that have recently come home.

And we must not forget Lighting McQueen and his friends. They race and race and race.

The play room is a room just for them. It is their space. It is the place where they can play together, rest, laugh, watch movies and make memories. It is the room that is suppose to be messy, it isn't suppose to look perfect. It is perfect, just for them.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

House: The Living Room

The living room is where we live. We laugh, we dance to Jam CD's, we watch TV, mama writes at her desk, we race cars, monster trucks and trains and we read.

The couch is big, it is comfortable and it is where we snuggle together at the end of the day. It is perfect!

This is often my view as I feed Caitlyn, watch Isaac play, read, do some Bible Study or just rest. The quilt is my favorite, it was my husbands before he was my husband and it was made by his grandmother whom I love.

Pictures of our beloved family and friends surround us. Hand painted art is not hard to find in our house and the things that make it home are displayed and very much loved.

The clock was made by my husband in 1996 and is one of those beloved items we will have forever. Books and diapers fill the entertainment center.

Caitlyn plays in the pack and play in the corner.

She spends time in her bouncy seat which moves from room to room in our house, it has been seen in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the playroom.

And sometimes she naps in her swing.

My desk is the place where I write, blog, cut coupons, sort mail, read, research, run Girls Only Ministry and feed my addiction to office supplies and caffeine.

We do a lot in this room. We live in this room, we laugh here, we rest here and we are at home here. It is perfect!