Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sick boy...

Isaac hasn't been feeling too well, so we are hanging out in our comfortable clothes... Isaac loves Daddy's sweat pants!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Another First: The Dentist

I am not a fan of the dentist. I don't like going, but it was time for Isaac to go so I had to be encouraging! His first trip to the dentist was on Wednesday. He has had a big week, with lots of 1st's!

He did great! He has been watching Caillou: Goes to the Dentist, and Isaac did GREAT!

Bless his heart, he loved the chair, the thought the light was cool.

He didn't gag, he didn't cry, he didn't even bite the wonderful dental assistant!

He just sat there and laughed as the dental assistant cleaned his teeth with the tickle toothbrush and chocolate tooth paste!

He loved the water sprayer and spit sucker! He wanted to take them home!

There was one time that he got nervous, but holding mama's hand did the trick!

He has a beautiful smile! What a cute kid! He did so good!

I was so proud of him!

He even got fluoride painted on, which he thought was really cool! He loved the little brush they used!

The dentist is much more fun when you are 3 years old!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

1st Day of School - Pick Up

I went to pick up Isaac and was so proud of him! He played well with the other kids!

He was sooooo excited to show me his reward! He got a sucker ball (A Dum Dum)! Isaac loves sucker balls!

When I asked him how he got it, he said he was the "star"... so his teacher, Miss Debbie explained it to me more... Everyday, the teacher sets goals for the kids and at the end of the day, if there is a child that did really well, they get their name written on the "star" and on Isaac's first day of school, he was one of the selected.

He kept his cubbie neat and organized, he shared well, he used manners and was nice. I was so proud of him! I was nervous about him going to school, and the Lord really blessed me with peace! It was a sweet mama moment...

... so I had to take a picture of his name on the star!

1st Day of School

Tuesday was Isaac's first day of school! And HE WAS REALLY EXCITED! He could hardly sleep Monday night! He woke up excited... I mean REALLY excited!

He was excited to pack his backpack. He picked out a water bottle to take.

The backpack was the biggest hit! He has had it for a while, but today, it was the coolest thing ever to this little man!

From the minute we got out of the car, he ran and ran and ran!

Once we got into his classroom, he gave his mama a hug and went off to meet some new friends!

Isaac did so well at school. I had a harder time than I thought I would, but time went by and I was so excited to pick him up and hear all about his day! I was so proud of him!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blanket Forts!

Isaac has taken to his friends, Monkey, Teddy and Tiger... he loves to play with them!

One of the greatest things about the age 3 is to hear Isaac's imagination grow.
He will be in his play room, talking away with his toys!

Lately, he has LOVED building blanket forts in the living room. He will play in the tent for hours and then, he and his friends will ask for a little TV time together, it is just the sweetest thing!

What a sweet boy, and his friends!

Monday, March 14, 2011


It's been so warm outside so we broke out the sand box!

A little fresh air does this mama good!

And Isaac LOVES to be outside so it has been a great way to spend the afternoon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Isaac will be a BIG BROTHER!

Isaac is excited to announce that he is going to be a BIG BROTHER in September...

... he got to go to the doctor with mama to see the baby...

... he packed his backpack and picked out some snacks and we were set...

... he was such a good boy, he played nicely and was very polite...

... he sang the ABC song to mama during the exam and held my hand the entire time, it was a really sweet moment... until...

... he asked the doctor if we can take the baby home in the stroller and he said no, the doctor explained to Isaac that the baby has to grow in mama's belly some more before we can take it home and this was the reaction the doctor got...

Here is a video of our time at the doctor!

Swim Lessons

Isaac hates to get his eyes wet. Even in the bathtub, he hates it!

So... mama found the coolest thing for swim lessons!

Isaac loves his blue goggles - he even wears them in the bathtub sometimes which makes washing his hair less of a fight!

Swim lessons are one of mama's favorite things... I love to watch him discover it all! It has to be one of my favorite "mama moments!"

Swim Lessons will have to be a regular thing around here! I love them and Isaac does too!