Friday, March 18, 2011

Another First: The Dentist

I am not a fan of the dentist. I don't like going, but it was time for Isaac to go so I had to be encouraging! His first trip to the dentist was on Wednesday. He has had a big week, with lots of 1st's!

He did great! He has been watching Caillou: Goes to the Dentist, and Isaac did GREAT!

Bless his heart, he loved the chair, the thought the light was cool.

He didn't gag, he didn't cry, he didn't even bite the wonderful dental assistant!

He just sat there and laughed as the dental assistant cleaned his teeth with the tickle toothbrush and chocolate tooth paste!

He loved the water sprayer and spit sucker! He wanted to take them home!

There was one time that he got nervous, but holding mama's hand did the trick!

He has a beautiful smile! What a cute kid! He did so good!

I was so proud of him!

He even got fluoride painted on, which he thought was really cool! He loved the little brush they used!

The dentist is much more fun when you are 3 years old!

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  1. Ok, is that weird that this is the post that made me cry? I actually have had some horrible experiences at the dentist and I'm afraid to take Rilynn. I absolutely love this boy's courage and his GORGEOUS smile! What a brave Mama you are to be brave for your little one. I LOVE these pictures!!!!!