Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recently in our life...

Isaac came down with a weird rash that required us to stay home for a few days and he had to wear mama's "bath towel" ... we made muffins and a cake, he loves to crack the eggs and stir the batter!

We found a splash park and spent the day outside!

Isaac jumped off rocks and ran through the water - it was a great day. Mama packed a lunch and we hung out, no TV, no phones, no computers, just us.

Papa, Nana, Aunt Esther, Uncle Tim, Daddy and Mama all went on vacation to Vegas for a few days. We slept in, spent the days by the pool, walked around at night, enjoyed great food and each other's company! Isaac stayed with a few friends while we were gone and had a fabulous time! He missed his mama and daddy, and we missed him.

We have spent a few days outside on the front yard. Just hanging out, enjoying the weather and the outside toys. We filled the toddler pool and have enjoyed summer! I love this time of year!

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