Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Tree in 2011

Our Christmas stuff is packed away, because we were suppose to be moved by now, but we aren't... yet... we will move soon, just not yet... so, when you have a little boy who loves crafts, you make a tree!

A foam tree, some stickers, some holiday snacks, Strawberry milk, snow outside and mama, makes for a fabulous tree decorating morning!

We had a great time decorating our tree this year!

I am so emotional about it that I will likely keep this tree and put it out every year as a reminder of simple abundance!

For the past two years, we have packed and unpacked and not moved. We have looked at rental house after rental house, we have prayed and we have learned lots. We have lived with less, but not gone without. We have our stuff packed as we wait for the perfect place to be delivered from the Lord. we have laughed, we have rested and we have loved. I have learned less is more, sticky is fun and home is where my family is, not where my stuff is set out for all to see. It has been a blessing!

Our tree has not gone without either, it is simple, yet perfect. It has presents under it and even a train!

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