Monday, March 26, 2012

My family of 4

We went away for 24 hours. The four of us. Just the 4 of us, for the first time since we became the 4 of us.

We went up the Poudre Canon to a cabin, a small, remote simple cabin. Isaac got to "drive" from the 1st gate to the 2nd gate on the property.

We packed clothes with the anticipation of cooler temperatures, but when we arrived it was 70 degrees. The weather was fabulous!

Isaac got to ride a horse for the very first time.

We had quality family time!

We played out side, we swung on a swing!

We built 2 campfires and had smores!

Our 2nd campfire was in the morning. Caitlyn and Mama warmed by the fire while Isaac made tracks for his Monster Trucks.

We even went on a treasure hunt!

Isaac with his walking stick (daddy's old and broken gold club), his treasure map and flash light.

And his daddy... they hunted for treasures and collected them in a bottle.

We did more swinging, we ate yummy food, rested, read books, we watched a family movie all snuggled in one bed, Mama did some research for her new writing project and we had fun! 24 hours of no cell phones, no computer connections, just us, the 4 of us.

My family of 4, my man, my son, my daughter and I.

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