Sunday, December 16, 2012

Birthday and getting back to Blogging

Two very special kids had a birthday in our house back in October. Yes, These pictures are almost 2 months old, but sometimes one must bunker in and focus on the ones she lives with, so I have been gone for a while, but we are back again and I am kicking off being back with a birthday post. 

This year was the first year Isaac got to have a friend party. He was allowed to invite a limited amount of friends, we have normally done birthday parties with family only but this year, we did something different and it was really fun!


The birthday boy was so excited for his friends to come to his party. We had a scavenger hunt, we did a pinata, of course we had cake and ice cream. It was so fun to watch him play with his friends and be the birthday boy!

Caitlyn walked everywhere. She loved her brother's friend birthday party!

Isaac requested for Batman, Thomas, Lightening McQueen, Harold the helicopter and the Avengers to make an appearance on his birthday cake. Totally do able!

At school, Isaac got a very special hat to wear, made by his teacher Miss Barrett. Caitlyn came to deliver donuts for their morning snack, and he got to spend his birthday at school with all his friends. It was really fun to watch him celebrate at school. He is such a big boy!

The weekend after his actual birthday we had a joined birthday party because Caitlyn had turned one on the 17th! Mama and Caitlyn spent the day together, just hanging out, we snuggled and got lots of kisses in. All the family came over for the kids party. They opened presents, laughed, and were loved one.

Caitlyn loved the cake. She enjoyed the party and her big brother thought it was so cool to have a party with his sister. It was such a fun two weekends. One of my favorite moments this year!

The beset part about being behind on the blog is that I get to look through the pictures again. Two months ago my babies had a birthday. I am now the mama of a 5 year old young man and a 1 year old young woman. These two are amazing. I adore their laugh, I love to watch them play together, I enjoy my time with Caitlyn while Isaac is at school, I look forward to the school pick up, the dinner table conversations and the homework time with my son. I adore our family days, I have fallen in love with them, each one in their own way, no one more than the other, but it has been cool to be a mama to two in such different ways.

Sorry for the blog break, I am hoping to get back into posting, thanks for reading. To my Aunt Melanie, thank you for the email encouragement to get back to posting, I love you! 

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