Saturday, December 12, 2009

Perfection is HIS

Sometimes I experiance the "am I good enough" guilt... You know, the uncomfortable questions and doubts that crawl into our minds and make bigger deals out of the little things in life... For example...

Sometimes those moments crawl into my mind and I think to myself, "Do other mama's let their children plan behind the furniture?" "Is that normal?", "Am I really prepared to be this precious one's mama?"

Sometimes I have those "ugly mama moments"... you know the type, the ones that come at the peak of one's stress, when work goes to hell in a hand basket, the laundry is piling up, the fridge is empty, the dog ate her own "nastiness" and now needs a bath and some how this all happened before the day even began. And I ask myself "Am I damaging my child with my moments of normal-ness?"

Sometimes we spend more time watching movies than playing with toys or reading books, yes my child can read an entire book by himself at the age of 2... I don't expect much really. Sometimes we do the grocery shopping in our PJ's and don't shower for the entire weekend. Sometimes we eat cereal for dinner and brownies for breakfast. And I think to myself ... "Will my child develope health issues due to my choice of meals or lack there of.? "Is my child okay, healthy, happy..."

And then, my Sweet Jesus brings me back in, into His arms, on my knees and reminds me of exactly what He expects from me... and what a relief it is to know that He expects my heart, my life and my best, but He does NOT expect perfection, that is HIS...

The thoughts go away, the reminder of His fresh Word sinks in and my heart is peaceful and my mind is at rest. Praise Him.

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