Wednesday, December 16, 2009

100th Post

This is my 100th post which just happens to fall on the morning after a very long day at work, which left me distracted and frustrated. Following my very long, emotional and frustrating day, I came home and was blessed with this...

It might not look like much to you... but to me, it is my heart, my passion, my life long calling... it is evidence of the very first Board Meeting of Girls Only Ministry. I am currently in the process of developing the blog into a website, so when that gets done, I will let you know... but for now... just review how fabulous the pictures are, because they sure are precious to me and I praise Jesus for all He did in getting this Ministry to this point. Man I LOVE HIM!


  1. Oh girl. You are on a wonderful journey into the wild things of God! WooHoo!

  2. Oh AND Congratulations on 100 wonderful, lively, passionate, zealous, crazy, personal, revealing, honest, and vulnerable posts!