Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 days, 1 month, Praise Jesus!

30 days ago we were settling into our room at the hospital. We were getting ready to go to bed, you, me and your daddy! It was a busy day, lots of people came to see you. You were born just after midnight and by 7:00pm we were ready to snuggle in and enjoy you!

Your big brother was the very first person, other than daddy and mama, to hold you. He was so excited! He loved you from the minute he saw you on the screen, at the doctor office.

You slept right next to me, in my bed, I couldn't bare to put you down. I was intoxicated by your sent. I wanted to hold you for as long as I could. I had waited a very long time to see you, kiss you and hold you. And I could not get enough!

In the past 30 days, we have continued to snuggle. We take naps together, I kiss you every chance I get. Ask your big brother, but part of my job as your mama is to smother you with kisses and I have loved doing just that.

You have been blessed by some of the most treasured people. You have been given precious clothes and blankets. People have taken care of your mama, daddy and brother by bringing over food and groceries. The Lord has provided in ways we couldn't have imaged.

Your brother reads stories to you. He sings to you. He kisses you. He LOVES you! You are the most blessed little girl in the world, because you have the BEST big brother!

It has been a wonderful 30 days, 1 month and I can not Praise Jesus enough for the moments we have had as a family. Home cooked meals, afternoon naps, daddy's days off spent relaxing as a family of four. It has been precious. You are precious.

Happy 1 month birthday beautiful, smart, wonderfully made daughter of mine! I love you!

May Jesus bless you beyond measure!

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