Monday, May 28, 2012

End of the School Year!

Yep, he is getting bigger. He is offically done with school for the year!

We have completed a successful year of pre-school. His teacher Miss. Tobi was wonderful. Issac has learned lots and is excited for school in the fall.

He has learned all sorts of things, he has learned colors and shapes, he can write his name, he can play with his friends, he can climb up the slides and climbing walls at the parks and he has learned to love school.

School has taught us how to do homework after dinner, how to read bed time stories before good night kisses and it has taught us how to learn together. It has been fun to watch him learn and to learn along side him. I am amazed at the things he has taught me!

Isaac's school had a celebration for the end of the year. Caitlyn and I went along and enjoyed every minute of it. The school had the celebration at a park so the kids and siblings could play, it was perfect!

Isaac's teacher handed out little hats to celebrate. They were just precious!

Dear Isaac, you are smart and you are such an amazing wonderful young man! You have done so well in school this year and I am so proud. I love you, over this last year I have watched you grow and learn. You have learned so much and you became a BIG BROTHER this year and man, you are the BEST big brother a little girl could ask for. I love you honey! I am so proud of you!  Love, Mama

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