Saturday, February 16, 2013

Caitlyn and Jesus

We had the opportunity to dedicate our daughter a few weeks back. It was very special, a lot of our friends from our small group dedicated their children the same night so it was fun to be there with them as well.Papa and Nana came, Uncle Tim and Esther were there too.

I think there is something so powerful about dedicating our children. It is different than infant baptism because the choice to choose Jesus is left completely up to them and the Lord. My prayer is that my children would know Jesus and the freedom He brings not the captivity of religion. I desire them to have a relationship, unique to them, with the one and only Jesus. What ever that relationship looks like, is fine with me, I just want it to meet their needs and be what they want. 

We dedicated Isaac when he was younger as well, so this was Caitlyn's turn. It was a simple night, one done by our church family and led by our dear friend. It was different, as parents of two, Isaac got to participate. He asked me questions about it all week. He asked a lot of why questions and he was excited for his sister. It was fun to watch this moment through his eyes. 

I cannot describe this mama thing all that well, but I sure do enjoy it. I am excited to watch my kids grown up. I am loving the personalities that Lord has given them and it as been fun to discover new things with them. Thank you Jesus for my man and my babies. You are too good to me.

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