Monday, February 18, 2013

They love their dog...

 Isaac has fallen in love with his new friend Buckey. We rescued Buckey from a shelter and he has made himself at home. Isaac takes him for runs, walks, bike rides and hikes. 

Regardless of the weather, as soon as we get home from school, the boys are outside for a while. They run, they ride bikes, they play. Isaac seems to think Buckey needs to learn how to run while Isaac scooters, but for some reason, Mama isn't okay with that one yet! 

Isaac has a few responsibilities now that Buckey lives with us. Isaac is in charge of feeding him and picking up after him. :) 

Buckey has come to love Caitlyn, mostly because she feeds him what he isn't suppose to eat. 

Even if it is through the holes in the sides of the pack and play, Buckey isn't far from her when she has any kind of food.

Oh she knows exactly what she is doing, she loves it and so does Buckey! 

There is something so sweet about having a dog. Watching him love on the kids and watching the kids love on him is just one of the sweetest things.

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