Thursday, February 14, 2013

My love

Dear Andrew,

Happy Valentine's Day! I am not the biggest fan of this holiday but I am a big fan of us. I can honestly say that I love you more today than I ever have. I think you are the funniest person I know, I love our inside jokes, I love to watch TV with you, I think your sarcasm is funny, I love that you laugh with our kids and I love that you can make me laugh, even when I am grouchy. You have loved me through some rough stuff and honestly, for the first time in my life I think I know what it feels like to be loved for exactly who I am regardless of if my choices, words or actions are well liked. You have helped me embrace who the Lord has made me to be. You have given me the freedom to explore the things I like and do not like. You have loved me for who I am, day in and day out for 10ish years. Can you believe we have been in love that long? Married for almost 9 years but in love for 10ish... We are getting old...

The way you love me is perfect. You know just what to say or not say, you know when I need a break from the kids and the house work, you know that taking the kids and giving me time to clean is just what I need sometimes. You come home from the grocery store on random occasions with flowers for me, you cuddle with me on the couch and most of all, your love for me is something I have found freedom in.

I am so glad I married you, I would marry you all over again. I am proud to be your wife, I am honored to be the mother of your children and I wouldn't want another man's last name. You are the one I adore, you are the one I am excited to spend my life with and I gotta tell ya, I would choose to marry you all over again!

You are an amazing father. I love that our kids adore you. I love that you play monster trucks with our son. I love that you make time for them, to hang out with them, to build a relationship with them. I love that you pray with them and I love that you pray for them. I have always known that you were a good man, one that works hard, provides well, is honest, loves the Lord and is faithful, but you are an even better father. I cannot describe it, but when I hear you and the kids laughing, when you and Isaac hang out together in the man cave or when you guys read together, it is something so dear to me. Those moments are hot, baby!

I think you are handsome. I think you are sexy and I LOVE you! Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me and I am excited for what we have coming this year. Thank you for fighting for me, for us and for our family. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

I love you!

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