Thursday, January 21, 2010

A big change...

Well, the day has come. My life for the past six years, at least work wise, has been trying at times, fabulously fun, stressful and rewarding.

Take July 10, 2007 for example: Starting at 1am, the final stage in the new Hospital was in progress, the remaining medical equipment that was not needed for the patients we currently have was moved, the ER at the old campus closed at 6:45 am and at 7am we received our official first patient. Patients are being transported every 15 minutes from the Egbert Campus to the Prairie Center Parkway Campus. I remember what it felt like as it started to feel like a real hospital around here. At 7pm we received our last patient from the Egbert Campus and life resumed as normal in the days to come. It is hard to believe that, the very thing I have worked so hard for was completed. It was April 18, 2005 when we broke ground on the land the hospital owns. It seems like yesterday as I look at all the hours of preparation, boxes of paper that hold documentation no one will care about after that very long day in July and most of all it amazes me to look back at the memories I have and the people I have come to love.

You see, during my time at the hospital I have grown to love has ended.

As I look back on this journey, I am amazed at how my job came to be and I am amazed at how I have changed over the last few years, both professionally and personally. There were times when my life has been consumed by work rather than the excitement of having a baby, being a mom or just the everyday life things I have enjoyed over the years.

But as this job comes to a close, I will spend a little time reflecting on the journey I have been so blessed to be a part of. Over the past 4 or so years, I have had the opportunity to witness and experience the following life changing events…

I know what the inside of an Operating Room looks like, before the walls went up. I know the technology that hides behind the paint and underneath the floors.

I know what 1.6 million pounds of rebar looks like and costs.

I have seen more than 5,960 gallons of paint go up on the walls and experienced the complaints regarding personal preference of the colors we selected. But I have learned have tougher skin and not take everything so personally.

I have witnessed a patient move that was done with impeccable attention to detail, organization and care.

I know it what feels like to deliver a child within the very OR that was once only on paper.

I am honored to have worked for this establishment regardless of the amount of tears I have cried. I know what it feels like to work more than 14 hours a day and be so proud of everything that was accomplished I could hardly sleep. I have come to experience the reward that comes with a long day of work, little sleep and a deadline and budget met.

I have met new friends and said goodbye to old ones.

Most of all I have learned that nothing worth having comes without a little pain.

I have enjoyed this journey and am intensely emotional as it comes to an end. When this day comes to an end, I will say good bye to my friends and I say good bye with a heavy heart to a job that I am proud to have been a part of.

As the day continues, I will reflect on the limited about of time I have left on this job, but at the end of the day, I will return home with an intimate sense of pride and sadness, looking forward to the adventure that awaits a head, both at home and work, where ever that might be!

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  1. Hi Mary. I am thinking about you today. Last week, my Monday Night Red Tent girls listened as I taught about mourning. I'll send you over the material we covered because I think it is right up your alley. Blessed are those who mourn for them will be comforted. I think we go through times in our lives which come to a close and it's difficult to process. But I hope you are able to allow yourself to mourn this closure and to celebrate the opening of something new. With God's comfort comes peace and rebirth of something. I can't wait to see what He has planned for you!
    Love you friend!