Monday, October 11, 2010

8 days... 3 years ...

In just 8 days, my baby will be three years old... so, over the next 8 days, I am going to post a few pictures of what our life has looked like over the past few years.

Dear Isaac, you daddy and I love you, your daddy and I love each other and your daddy and I love Jesus. You see, my sweet baby, you are a part of your daddy and I... we are two very opinionated and stubborn people. We are passionate. We are sarcastic. We love to laugh. We adore you. We work hard and play harder. We, well, technically me, love to sleep. We have had a great time doing life together, and we have loved doing life with you, right in the middle of it all.

I am excited to see you grow up sweet son of my mine. I am excited to see what parts of me and what parts of your daddy come out in your personality. I am excited to watch you fall madly in love with Jesus. I am excited and terrified to watch you love that special person the Lord has picked out for you and I am excited to see what the Lord has planned for us in the next few years.

I pray that you glean wisdom for those that surround you. I pray that you continue to scream, "MY CHURCH" every time we drive up to or past the church. I pray blessing over you and I ask for the Lord to cover you with peace and keep you from anxiety. I cannot beg Him enough for His peace to just rain down over you my sweet one. May He bless your nights with rest and your days with joy! I love you Isaac Martin Vigil!

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