Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter... Peace... Jesus... Food!

I was really excited to make brunch for Easter. I was really excited about Easter period! I adore Good Friday, and SUNDAY! I love that Jesus is the center of attention, I love that people who normally don't go to church attend church on Easter. I love that His LOVE reigns!

I did some research on good brunch recipes and by the time it was ready to make the food I COULDN'T WAIT! In fact, I would be tempted to make it again! I LOVED IT!

We had homemade caramel rolls, spinach and strawberry salad with homemade dressing, there was fresh fruit, homemade garlic/herb/jalapeno cheese spread on the yummiest bread ever. Oh and I cannot forget the tasty homemade lemon-aid!

Daddy was in charge of hiding the eggs and treats around the house and Isaac LOVED finding them all!

I love watching him find his treasures!

Daddy hid the treasures all over the house, even in Isaac's playroom!

One of my favorite things about this time of year and remembering my Jesus is all the fresh flowers! I have fallen in love with flowers, of all types! I have learned more and more about gardening and hope to have a yard one day to plant flowers, veggies and herbs in!

The Easter Bunny doesn't visit our house, we haven't introduced "him" to Isaac yet, I am not sure if we will... after all, Easter has been just precious with the focus on Him...

Isaac got some fun things from Grandpa Marty and Grandma Cheryl that he adores and are a huge hit!

I adore the pictures of Isaac hunting for treasures :)

It has been fun to watch him learn about Jesus and enjoy the joy that comes along with His love!

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