Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh Happy Dae!

Today is her birthday... Stormie Dae! You can follow her creativeness here. She and her sister have one of the coolest blogs/businesses I know of! Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

You see, today, Stormie Dae turns 25, I have known of her for years, but I have loved her as a friend for 3 and she has changed me.

She has loved me for me.

She has encouraged me to embrace imperfection, which has brought out creativity and freedom I never knew existed.

She has supported me.

She has befriended me.

We have had some of the coolest conversations two women could have in a parking lot.

She loves coffee and has inspired me to embrace it.

She loves Jesus.

I could listen to her worship Him every minute of every day. She has taught our youth band how to worship their Savor and she has led me into His presence time and time again.

She is strong. She knows what she likes and dislikes. She knows what she wants and she is a giver of grace.

Happy Birthday my beloved friend! I love you!

May Jesus bless your life in ways that blow your mind. It has been an honor to do this thing called life with you!


  1. She is a way amazing person. :) Thanks for seeing that!

  2. Oh my goodness Mary, I am just getting caught up on my blog reading and I was shocked to see this! Sorry I didn't get to see it sooner, but still SO sweet for me to read today:) Thank YOU for being my friend and making every day an's been too long lady, let's hang out! :) Love you!