Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School has started!

Monday and Wednesday mornings are very special in our house!

Why? Because, this little fella LOVES school.
He goes to school for a few hours every Monday and Wednesday morning!
We took the summer off from pre-school and he went back in August.

He loves his backpack and all the kids in his class.

He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the first day of school. I love this time of year as well and love all things back to school and fall.

Every time I drop him off at school, we have a sweet mama and Isaac moment as soon as we get in the door, in the very spot he is standing. When we come in, Isaac always asks for a prayer, so we bend a knee, he sits on my lap and we pray over his day before he runs off to his classroom. It is by far my very favorite part of the school days!

One of the things that is different this year than last year is how excited Isaac gets when I pick him up. He is sooooo excited to tell me everything about his time at school. He shows me his projects and talks all the way home about every aspect of his day!

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