Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More birthday parties!

Isaac got to celebrate on his birthday when we came home from the hospital. On Thursday, the day after we got home from the hospital, Isaac figured out that his birthday will come after Caitlyn's next year and that didn't settle too well with him. Needless to say, he was a tiny bit upset. However, at dinner, he prayed for our meal and as I said, Amen, Isaac looked at me told me he needed to talk to Jesus about his birthday coming 2nd. So, we continued to pray and Isaac expressed his opinions to Jesus, then said amen and we ate... it was adorable!

On Sunday, Isaac got to celebrate this past weekend with Papa, Nana, Uncle Tim and Aunt Esther.

CRANKY the Crane came to Papa and Nana's house! Isaac was very EXCITED!

A tomato worm also came to Papa and Nana's house. Isaac loved it, mama... not so much!

This little boy has been blessed. It warms my heart to see him celebrate his birthday in the midst of his baby sister's birth!

This year has been the year of Spider Man. Isaac has found the 1967 Collection of Spider Man and his Amazing Friends on the Wii/Netflix and it is regularly watched in our house. So for this birthday, Spider Man, Thomas the Train, Toy Story and Cars were the big hits!

And... money... Isaac has discovered money. We have been filling a peggy bank for Isaac with change and he now has a savings account at our bank... I tell ya, the kid has got a nice chunk of change in his account and he got more money for his birthday.

Yep... I give you Spider Man! Complete with a web shooter for his hand!

I am sure, Spider Man will spend lots of time at our house!

Soccer is also big hit this year, so a real soccer ball was a must. We are looking to sign him up for soccer next year and the boy loves to practice! I am sure we will spend hours outside with his soccer ball and maybe even dressed as Spider Man!

His birthday was blessed. This boy was blessed. His daddy and mama have been blessed!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! You are smart, you love school, you run around every chance to get. You would rather run than walk. You are hyper, your laugh is contagious and your heart is huge! I love to hear you pray. I adore how helpful you are! You are the best big brother Caitlyn could ever have. You adore her. You have been blessed this year, I pray the blessings pour out over the years! Jesus loves you my son! Mama and Daddy do too!

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