Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Time, but Lots of FUN! From Isaac

Well, we have been a little busy lately. So Mama asked that I give a short update.
It is just 17 days until Heavenfest...
Will you be there? My Mama and I will be - hopefully Daddy will be too!

When Mama is not Heavenfesting or working, Daddy, Mama and I are doing this...

Yep, they bought me a little pool.
I am just loving the summer. Can you tell?

But recently Mama got the idea that she and I should travel to Nebraska for the weekend.
More on that later... Mama still have to upload the pictures... It was a great trip and I loved the airplane...

Thanks for stopping by for the short update...

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  1. Running in to you was like getting good news from a distant land...:)