Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Summer in Pictures - Part 1

This summer has been a good one - a busy one - but a good one. Jesus has been so good to us. Praise HIM! Over the next few days, I am going to share a little bit of our
summer with you through pictures. Enjoy!

Isaac can not get enough of his swing. HE LOVES IT.
We have worked hard to make the little bit of outside space we have, work for us. It has been fun to grill on the porch and play in the grass. What a great way to spend the evenings after a long day of work!

Isaac has met a friend, this is Matthew and he lives just across the sidewalk from us. They play so well together. Matthew will come over and take Isaac for "bike" rides. It is the most precious thing this mama has seen in a long time!!

Nothing beats playing outside with a few balls. Isaac is in love with being outside.
After all, what boy isn't!
Andrew and I purchased a small pool for our small front yard. It is a BIG hit with Isaac. He loves the water and if we let him, he would play in that pool all day and night - hopefully we will take a few swim lessons this winter.
There is more to come. We have yet to look at the Vegas Trip, the 4th of July Trip, Isaac's first airplane ride, which includes the trip to Nebraska and of course there are pictures of Heavenfest. So get ready, pictures are coming baby!

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