Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am addicted…

… to Jesus. Lord knows I am addicted to Him. I would give up everything, back a bag full of Bibles and smuggle them all into China if I could. My husband keeps me grounded and focused on what the Lord is REALLY calling me to, not just what I want to do for Him in the moment…

… to my husband… I cannot keep my hands off him. Seriously – I am so in love with that man it is dangerous… I could love on him all day – sometimes just a kiss from him will make the worst day into the best day-

… to my son – man he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Everything he does makes me laugh, I can hardly stand to be away from him and I cannot wait until we add another little one to the family some day. He is going to make such a good big brother.

… to organization…. Ask anyone… I cannot stand to be unorganized. Even my purse is neatly organized…

… to a clean house… my passion for a clean house is just as strong as my passion for organization which is just as strong as my passion for sweet Jesus, my husband and my son. I cannot live without any of the three. Now, mind you, my house is not always clean, but when I get done cleaning, I am absolutely addicted to just sitting on the couch and enjoying it.

… to caffeine: I always have been a soda drinker, I have now branched into being a coffee drinker. However, I do not just drink black coffee, I must have fancy coffee, my morning beverage is, a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with extra chocolate, whole milk and whip cream. Yes, I like it to be as fattening as it can be. In the afternoon I enjoy a Mnt. Dew, Cherry Coke or Diet Pepsi – it is just part of life.

… to water, nope not the drinking kind. The swimming kind. I love the swimming pool. I could spend all day either in the pool or pool side enjoying a nice nap on the warm concrete.

… to fake nails. Yep, I am addicted to acrylic nails. I love them. I love the look of them, the fact that they are low maintenance. I love the feel of them, their shine when freshly polished and I absolutely love how they sound as I type on the keyboard at work. Not to mention that my husband loves the back scratches he gets when I get my nails done!

… to shoes. I love shoes. I am a new shoe lover so my collected has just started, but I am head over heals in love. I recently purchased a pair of HOT PINK shoes, not to worry, pictures are soon to follow.

… to office supplies. If I have a bad day at work, I will promptly order myself some kind of new office supply must have and it makes the day so much better.

… to HGTV… just ask my husband, he thinks it is an illness. I love to watch any and every show they have. I could decorate and redecorate our house on a weekly basis if my husband would not club me over the head with a big stick. I am always thinking of something new to do to the house… and he is always saying no to my ideas…. So lately I have come up with several FREE ideas – which he can never say no to!

I think if I make it through life with these addictions only, life is going to be good...

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  1. I will join you in those addictions right down to your bev of choice at Starbucks! HGTV-what would daily life be without it?