Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nebraska - Our Summer Part 3

I took Isaac to visit some family in Nebraska. It was a much needed trip to spend some time with some very special family members. Isaac did well in the airport. He LOVED the moving sidewalk in DIA and I loved the little monkey backback/rope thing that was secured to him. :)

Praise the Lord, we had a window seat. We were able to look out which Isaac loved. He was able to stand up during the flight, he ate gymmy bears and over all did really well, he eventually fell asleep and I really enjoyed the cuddle time.

We arrived and we so excited to spend time in the pool. Isaac was unsure of it but we had a great time watching Elizabeth play with her daddy!

Isaac and Elizabeth had a great time. They played outside for hours. They drew pictures with sidewalk chalk and ran around after the dogs. It was such a relaxing time.

Elizabeth and Isaac also played basketball. It was a big hit with the little man!

Appartently the basketball also made a great seat!

It was a great weekend!

I had to take a picture of how I got Isaac, his car seat and our bags through the airport on the return home. It was the best way to travel, I will say the $4 for the cart was totally worth it!
Oh and on a side note: I was able to witness a family who loved eachother, prayed over eachother, enjoyed meaningful conversation at the kitchen table and most of all, I was a part of it. This trip was and will always be tender to me.
And to the middle cousin in this family - I LOVE YOU! I could not be more proud of the man you have become and I am proud of your choices.

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