Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vegas and The Colorado Mountains - Our Summer Part 2

Sweet Jesus was so faithful. We were able to take our first trip which required a plane ride this summer. This was a big deal, ever since Andrew got sick. We were blessed with great family memories, a relaxing time pool side and some fabulous adult beverages.

About a week after we returned from Vegas we had another family vacation. We spend the 4th of July in Keystone Colorado. A favorite place for the Vigil Family. Andrew and I visit the area for our anniversary every year and I spent the winter's there as a kid. So the place is tender to me.

Isaac got introduced to Daddy's iPod and head phones and he LOVED them! We had great family time, Isaac got to spend tons of play time with his cousin Mercedes and he even spent some time playing in the river. Yes, I let him eat dirt, play with rocks and play in a Mountain RIVER.

Isaac spent time loving the slide - this kid is addicted to slides. He had such a great time playing with Grandpa Marty.

Mercedes was as cute as a button the entire time!
They took baths together....

Isaac played with his marbles, he would sit in the chair and play a game with himself for hours. It was just precious!
They took pictures together... I cannot seem to get over Isaac's face in this picture!
Daddy and Uncle Jim took silly pictures as well -
We just had a great time.
Isaac swam in the hot tub with Grandpa Marty - He is going to be a fish, I just know it.
We took Isaac to the top of the mountain, just to introduce him to it before the winter... you know, I wanted him to see it before he starts downhill skiing... Which will be this winter by the way!
And Isaac had to get a picture with Grandpa Marty, also known as his ski instructor....
It was a great trip. Both of them. It was a fun way to kick off the summer. We were blessed. My heart is full and my memories are rich!

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