Monday, August 17, 2009

Broken bones and tennis shoes.

It is no secret that gymnasts have ugly feet. It's a given. If you have ever watched gymnastics on TV, you will notice that the feet of these athletes take a beating. They are covered in white chalk, they are blistered, sometimes they are bloody and most of the time, some bone somewhere in their feet is broken. And, I can personally testify that gymnastics is one painful sport. I, personally, have broken numerous bones in my feet over the years. It is all thanks to those uneven bars and balance beam routines. Not to mention a funny landing on a tumbling pass or two. I grew up walking around barefoot, at times my feet were covered in athletic tape or in tennis shoes. Not to mention I spent the winter weekends and vacations in ski boots, so I have not always been a fancy shoe kind of girl. Needless to say my feet are at home in my tennis shoes.

When life gets out of control, or I start to question exactly what the Lord has planned for me and my family, I often slip my feet into those old, warn out tennis shoes and do a little something active. I have been known to go for a run, a long run, when a dear friend was dying of cancer. I have been known to go tumble at the local gymnastics center when the nights were a little too long and Andrew was a little too sick. I have also been known to slip on those tennis shoes, turn the praise music up and clean the entire house top to bottom. I am at home in my tennis shoes. I am at home, in my home. I am at home sitting under a tree, just Sweet Jesus and me. I am at home when things are peaceful and when things are anything but peaceful, I run home as fast as I can.

I feel like the past few years have been the longest gymnastics competition of my life, and my feet are just done. I have enjoyed the time I have spent, just Sweet Jesus and me. I have loved our long talks, our long nights together as we watched Andrew sleep and I am tender to the times we have worked out together. But now, life is changing, once again. And this summer has been the start of it all. I have been stretched and taken out of my comfort zone. I have had to leave my tennis shoes at home and slip my feet into some hot pink pumps, yes I purchased some bright, hot pink pumps and I have worn them to work twice. I have had to work with people, get to know people again and most of all, get comfortable around people again. I have had to leave the comfort of my home, my tennis shoes, and my alone time and get out there and do His work, with His people. I feel like I have been learning a new balance beam routine and in the process, my hands, feet, heart and soul have all taken a beating.

I may have to leave my tennis shoes behind, but through this process, He has clearly communicated to me that I will never have to go anywhere without Him, regardless of the shoes I wear on that particular day, He walks with me. I love that.

Sweet Jesus, sometimes growing up is not so fun. Sometimes, growing in general is not so fun. It is always rewarding, and thank you for being patient with me as I try to keep up with what you have in store for me. I love you and would follow you anywhere. Amen.

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