Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching up...

I am back... and this time... with pictures of almost everything that has been going on in the Vigil house over the past few weeks... We have been enjoying our time as a family - we took a Sunday drive and played in the river up by Boulder Falls...

Isaac loved the river, almost as much as he loves his binky!

Daddy showed him how to throw rocks in the water...


We have also spent the weekends at Grandpa Marty's and Grandma Cheryl's house. Grandpa gave Isaac a planter full of sand and a fireman hat - what else does a boy need, right? Oh, did I mention he was completely naked while he played in the sand?
Isaac also played in the swimming pool with Cede, both naked of course and they loved every minute of it!
More pictures are coming... over the next few days you will get to share in our memories of Isaac's first camping trip - yep - we went camping - TENT CAMPING! More to come tomorrow!

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