Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A picture perfect family night, with no pictures

Last night, I had the most magical night with my family – it was one of those nights I pictured in my head, as I thought of what our “family nights” would be like when we first found out we were pregnant…

So, I get off work and pick up my favorite part of the day (Isaac) from day care… He is covered in raspberry popsicle left over stickiness, he proudly displays a scorpion tattoo on his right fore arm and he has sand and dirt stuck to ever inch his skin thanks to his sweet sweat that drips, no runs, all over when he plays outside. We get in the car; he plays with Mr. Monkey and dances in his car seat to praise music on the way home. We get home, and my fabulous hubs has cooked dinner – he is fabulous in the kitchen, I however, am not.

We all eat, Isaac eats what we eat without much of a fight, praise the Lord and dinner gets wrapped up. It is then I notice that at some point in the day, the dog, while enjoying her pimped out kennel decided to snack on her own poop. Yes, my cute little fluff dog eats her poop. Well, obviously Isaac needed a bath, so I decided to give them a bath at the same time. Yes, I put my precious first born son in the bath tub with my precious poop faced puppy. No, there was no dog poop in my original “picture perfect family night” that I had stuck in my head, however I did always wonder what it would be like for a boy and a dog to take a bath together…

Unfortunately, there was no time for pictures, water was going everywhere. Isaac thought it was a fabulous treat to have the dog in the tub with him. He did a great job “helping” mama wash her. He poured the shampoo on her and “rubbed” in it to create bubbles. Did I mention, I also used the same shampoo on them both? Don’t worry, it was baby shampoo… Isaac’s favorite part was “helping” rinse the poor little lady who was standing tummy high in a tub of water and bubbles… and then came the doggy SHAKE! Yes, while Isaac was standing up to help rinse the little lady, she shook like I have never seen, water went everywhere. Isaac was laughing so hard he went pee in the water and mama was laughing so hard she could hardly control the situation –
Needless to say, I had to run Isaac new water because the thought of him “bathing” in dog poop and toddler pee saturated water made me throw up a little in my mouth –

Following the bath he ate cake right before bed with his daddy, brushed his teeth and gave his new best friend, a hug good night. “Night Puppy” he says as he hugs her with the sweetest little smile on his face – it was a magical family night.

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