Monday, September 7, 2009

Seeing something new...

Well... it is no secret that my baby is growing up. It is no secret that he is a full blown running, bug eating, dirt loving and talking non-stop toddler. But me, I feel like I am still the same old 23 year kid who just married the man she loves more than anything. I cannot help but stop and wonder sometimes where the time went. And now, things are changing, the Lord is moving and moving fast. Things are coming together, life is getting busy and most of all, Andrew is healing more and more each day. We are connected, more so than we were 6 years ago. We are a team. We are one. I cannot function without him. And now we are parents, yep, we, are, parents...

My prayer is for Isaac to walk in the Word everyday of his life. May he not know the sin and pain his daddy and I walked have walked through as rebellous teens and young adults. May he love the Lord from day one and may he hold onto his pure heart for as long as possible. I just love how simple and pure he is. His every word is pure at heart. His emotions are pure and his heart is pure. What I would not give to experiance that just for a moment, again.

It is through him I get to see something new everyday. I get to see the pure heart of Sweet Jesus when my son yells "AMAN" at the end of a prayer or in the middle of a praise song in the car. I get to see the pure emotions of Sweet Jesus when my little one just wants to hold my hand and take a little walk "Mama cum" he says with his hand stretched out. I get to see him love with everything he has. That little boy loves his Papa and GaPa - nothing makes him more excited than those two men.

And most of all I will get to witness Sweet Jesus capture his heart one day and change his life forever. What a great couple of years it has been. I am so excited to see Jesus move over the next few months and years to come. How awesome is He?

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