Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The time is now...

The time has come to share this big adventure I am on...

Recently the Lord has placed a firm calling on my life and I am really excited about it. You see, I have come to realize my passion in life, you know the very thing that makes your heart race and your eyes fill with tears. Well, my heart beats with passion for young women between the ages of 13 & 23. I believe those years are the most formative in a young woman’s life, and I passionately believe these are the years in which Jesus Christ has the opportunity to drastically impact their lives.

We live in a world where times are changing and the issues these young women have to deal with are often the result of life changing and faith testing circumstances. It is my desire to walk through these very circumstances with these young women.

I can picture us enjoying lunch together, shopping together; picking out Prom Dresses and job interview clothes together. And while we do those things, I want to talk about what it means to be a woman after the Lord’s heart and most of all I want to get these young women into the Word. I want them to know how to find the scriptures they are looking for in their time of need, I want to help them acquire the skills they need to draw closer to the Lord. I want to build relationships with each and every one of them, and out of those relationships I want them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I want to create a place where these young women can go, just as they are, carrying all the burdens they carry on a daily basis. I want this place to be where they can do homework at a kitchen table; enjoy a meal or two, watch a movie with friends, and most of all I want this place to be the place for these women to go and know that there is no judgment, only grace, the kind of grace that changes lives. .

So, basically all of that boils down to the very calling the Lord has placed on my life, and that calling, and passionate desire is to begin a ministry with these young women as the focus and it will be called Girls Only Ministry.

I want Girls Only to be the place where they and their girlfriends can talk openly and freely about anything and everything, while also focusing on what the Word has to say about the issues at the center of their discussions.

I have been praying over this for a while now, and much to my surprise, things are moving quickly. Through prayer, endless hours of prayer, I have come to know the Lord’s desire for this ministry and that is for this ministry to be incorporated as Non-Profit Organization. I have been working with legal counsel and am steps away from seeing the deepest desire within my heart and soul become a reality. All I can say, is may this work bring Him Glory and may His work be done in the lives of the young women who will come thru our door.

On a side note, there is a BIG event on the horizon, one that will give you the opportunity to enjoy good food and get to know all about this passion of mine… So for now, check out the blog, yes, I have created a blog for these girls. You can see it by clicking HERE... We are also on facebook... so you can catch up on all the happenings there as well...

Praise and Glory be His and His Alone!

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  1. That's awesome!!! How exciting. Can't wait to hear how God is going to use this in your life and in the lives of so many young girls. Will be praying for you, friend! :)