Monday, February 1, 2010

Our conversations over the last three days...

Mama: "Nhyja has an owie and we cannot fix it..."
Isaac: "Oh... puppy needs Handy Manny band-aid..."
Mama: "Her owie can't be fixed with a Handy Manny band-aid..."

Mama: "Isaac, Nhyja is going to go bye bye, she is going to be with Jesus and won't be at our home anymore."
Isaac: "Okay"

Mama: "Isaac, say bye bye to Nhyja... it's nap time, do you remember when we talked about her owie and that she is going to be with Jesus ..."
Isaac: "Ni Ni puppy, I wove you..."

Mama comes home from the "appointment"...
Isaac: "I wanna see the puppy.... where is the puppy"

Isaac to Grandpa on Sunday night: "I miss Nhyja, she's with Wesus (Jesus)"...
Isaac to Mama before bed time: "I wav puppy, mama..."
Mama to Isaac: "Me too baby... me too..."

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