Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camping: Part 5

We all rode Papa's Quad - even Nana and Mama got into it -

Auntie Esther, Papa and Daddy had their own little "competition" going -

Esther can hang with those boy like no one else we know -

Daddy eventually won with the "best time" for the entire trip -

Even Isaac got into it -

He rode with his Papa and Daddy. It was a hit -

It was a great weekend, great time away from it all and a great time with family - we are now officially a camping family - we made a list of things we must remember for next time, such as the oil for the hash browns and a little salt and pepper - we might also want a few more cooking utensils that are not plastic! Overall, it was a success and a must do for next summer!

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