Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love you and am on my knees for you...

Dear You, You and You,

You know who you are. You are tender to me. I am heavy with burden over each of you.
I love you with every fiber in me and I want to get on a plane and come running to you.

We can have dinner, watch movies, cry and maybe even have a drink or two...
but for now... this letter will have to do...

I know you are hurting.

I know you want to run behind a closed door
and tune the entire world out...
I know what it is like to be down,
even hurt and want to cry out...
I even know what it feels like to "express my feelings"
in a less than "polite" manner
and in the most public of places...
I know you want to just cry out
and have SOMEONE hear you...
I hear you, remember where you came from.
Remember you are loved.

Even if you at times,
cannot run to your mama
and have her make it all better...

You can run to Him.
You can cry out to Him.
Reach toward heaven
and I promise you will not be forsaken.

Find a place, go to Him.
Meet Him there,
bring it all with you.
Tell Him everything and wait...

Wait for Him to wash over you with the warmest water.
Wait for Him to wash over you with peace.
Wait for Him to wash over you with love....
It is there and ONLY there that you will find
the ONE that can make all of this better.
I love you!
Each of you - ALL 3 of YOU and the wee one...
I will be in touch but for now,
find comfort and peace, find HIM!


  1. beautiful words and pictures!!!! Your son will thank you one day for given him this gift of capturing moments just like these ones for him to see when he is grown. Take care