Friday, October 16, 2009

Tender Moments are Coming...

This was last year, at his 1st birthday party at Papa & Nana's - this year we are going to have fun with family once again. We will see Grandpa, Grandma, Cousins and the Auntie's & Uncle on Saturday and then we will see Papa, Nana and Auntie on Sunday - it is going to be perfect.

Hey buddy - As I get to thinking about everything you have learned over the last two years my head hurts. You have grown up. You are no longer a baby, you have become a full fledged toddler and one day you will go from being a boy to a man and I hope ya know that regardless of what the days look like that are ahead of us, I am your mama and I love you more than words can say.

I pray that you will fall madly in love with Jesus. May He consume you and may you be blessed with friends who also are madly in love with Jesus. May you have a heart for sharing the gospel, may you be quick to forgive and may you be burdened with the truth.

I am humbled to know that the Lord gave me such a sweet and tender hearted boy. I love you. I cannot say that enough. I love you as much as one woman can possibly love her child, but sweet one, Jesus loves you much more and for that, I am speechless. All my love my little one -
Happy Birthday and may our memories of this weekend be tender!

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