Thursday, October 8, 2009

She pretty much rocks...

Well today, a very important person has a birthday. You see, she is a woman I have fallen madly in love with, not the romantic kind of love, more like the "I wanna be just like you when I grow up" kind of love. She challenges me, she loves me, she prays over me, she encourages me, she is my fashionable example and she is my friend.

We meet together often, just the two of us. We have yet to meet somewhere really extravagent, one of our favorites is the deli at Target, but when we meet, I walk away a changed woman. I walk away a changed wife, a changed mama and a changed lover of Jesus. Her knowledge for the Word leaves me speechless. Her passion to serve Him and Him alone is something we should all strive for. Her love for her family is a huge example for me as a young mama and wife. There is not a man on this earth she loves more than her man and I love that about her. I love that she has "naughty shoes" and she is not afraid of it. I love that she loves him and he loves her and I love that together they have raised amazing children, 5 children.

Her blog is to die for, her home is fabulously decorated, she makes the most jaw dropping cakes you have ever seen and her sense of style will make anyone who loves mom jeans want a fashion make over. She has encouraged me to wear dresses, she thinks I am pretty and she believes in me. My life has been changed because of her.

Check out her blog, you might just fall in love with Jesus because of what she has to say about Him... I know I did...

Happy Birthday to a very special woman.

Jeanie, you have changed my life. You have helped me be a better wife and mama and you have encouraged me to fall more and more in love with my savior every day - I pray blessings over your next 50 years. Much love my friend!
PS: I "borrowed" the picture off her daughter's facebook page, isn't she hot...

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  1. Omygoodness. I am so humbled by your words and love, Mary. I am so honored by the times we have together and feel blessed that you are such an open-hearted, loving, Jesus-seeking woman, who receives a little of what God is doing in my heart into your life!