Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There's no turning back now...

The invites have gone out, the catering has been scheduled, the decorations are fabulous, and I am ready to go... I think...

You see, in my "spare time", I have been creating a Non Profit Organization called Girls Only Ministry. I have a been blessed with a fabulous lawyer how has helped me get things going and an amazing accountant who is ready to get the paperwork filed once everything on the legal side is complete. I am so close, I can just feel it.

This friday, is Friday the 13th, it is not significant because of the stipulations and horror movies that this date normally centers around, but this year, in 2009, on Friday November 13th, I will stand up in front of family, friends, and people I have never met and put my dreams and desires on the line. I will share the vision the Lord has given me for this ministry, HIS ministry. I will ask for their help and I will offer them a fabulous meal. Most of all, I will be taking the largest leap of faith I have ever experianced in my 28 years of life.

I am excited, I am as ready as I can be and I am nervous! The goal is not centered around the number of people that attend, but for God to be Glorified, and I am so excited to see it un fold!

You, yes, YOU, if you are reading this, YOU are invited to attend. I hope to see you there. I promise, it will be worth it!

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