Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All we need are some flowers....

I recently did a make over on the front porch. I am officially addicted to HGTV and I LOVE the shows: Take it Outside and Crib Appeal. So... I started with a budget of $30.00.

I already owned the chairs. They are technically inside chairs that match my dining set. But I have too many so I put 2 outside.

I needed to create something that was cheap, had storage for Isaac's toys and was attractive. I really like the traditional look of the red and white table cloths so I purchased one from a fabric store for $4.99 and went from there.

I already had the big red storage bin and Nana & Papa had the small red bucket, so I had storage, I just needed to get creative about securing it so the toys don't blow away or get taken...

Because the chairs were white, I wanted a table to match... so I had to purchase 2 cans of spray paint which totaled $5.00 - Thanks to WALMART! Any guess to how I made the table without using a single nail?

I made the table out of 2 TV dinner trays that we already owned. A little spray paint and they looked like a brand new set. I found a large piece of wood in my neighbors trash and decided it would make the perfect table top. I spray painted that too.

I trimmed the table with damaged crown molding from Lowes - which was free because it was damaged - a little wood filler and some spray paint and it looks like it has always been one big table - And I held it all together with a little magic called "Liquid Nails" which we already owned from a previous project. The coolest part of the table - I happened to attached the wood in a way that I could still fold down the top for easy storage, so it is basically on big TV tray!

The most expensive part of the entire make over, was the clear over lay on top of the table, which I bought and had cut to size at Lowes. The fake glass was $20.00 and I cut a piece of the table cloth to fit under neath.

I threw together some accessories I had around the house and am currently on a hunt for some cute planters to add to the decor.

Now, all we need are some potted plants and warm weather so we can play outside. I am so excited to hang out with Isaac out there this summer! I will post a few FINISHED product pictures complete with Isaac playing and the potted plants a little bit later, but for now, our tiny outdoor space is a nice extension of our house...

Man, I love HGTV!


  1. Genius! LOVE that table idea! Glorious! Wondrous. Marvelous and all that! LOVE r & w, too...tres trendy-traditional!

  2. Nice!!! I thought the chairs were going to Girls Only??? Hee hee. ;) ~ Jenny

  3. Don't worry Jenny, your chairs are used every week for the girls who come for Tuesday Night dinner and when we get a place they will go there too - I can just see your table and chairs in the sun room...

  4. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!