Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at our house...

Easter started off with a "special breakfast" - in our house a "special breakfast" is normally something with lots of sugar and icing of some kind. And Easter morning was no different - we had cinnamon rolls and milk!

While daddy got Isaac dressed, mama hid a few fun things around the house...

... Isaac got the hang of picking up the "sports themed" eggs, but notice he left the candy behind. Precious thing didn't think those little chocolate and peanut butter eggs in the yellow wrapper where for him... mind you, they "are" for him, mama and daddy just eat them too!

He sure did get lots of jelly beans and chocolate!

He loved every bit of it! He did find a few things that were not candy, such as a few books, some music toys, and of course some goodies from his Grandma & Grandpa and his Papa & Nana.

I tell ya, this kid make out with the goods, so did we... We made out with a living Savior and we could not be more excited about it! Just like my kid is excited about his "candy bucket", I am excited to know that my Savior lives! It was a great, peaceful, restful and family centered Easter at our house this year. It was perfect!

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  1. You are instilling a precious and priceless legacy in that little heart!