Monday, April 12, 2010

The Toy Store

We had to do some running around for the Ministry today and Isaac asked me if we could go to the Tree Toy Store when we were done.

Isaac: "Ccccan we go to the treeeeee toy store?"

Mama: "You want to go to the toy store? What toy store are you talking about?"

Isaac: "Pay with my monies and toys"

So what this conversation meant was that Isaac wanted to go to the Dollar Tree and by a toy with a dollar. You see, when we do running around we often visit the Dollar Store for snacks and other goods and if Isaac is a good boy, he gets to pick out a toy and pay for it with real money. (Real money normally means the change at the bottom of Mama's purse)

I just love the fact that my kid thinks the dollar store is the toy store! Notice his new red truck in the picture.... He bought himself!

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