Friday, April 30, 2010

A Car Full of Poop

I have never experienced something like I did yesterday.

I was enjoying some coffee with a friend, mind you we were enjoying the Colorado evening outside and were close to my parked car. Isaac had asked to play in the car, we call it alone time, he often has been allowed to do this before. I do not leave my child unattended while in the store or mall, however, if he needs some alone time, I have no problem providing a safe environment for him to do so. So yesterday, shortly after I got my coffee, he asked me for "aown tim" which in Isaac talk translates as "alone time".

I walked him to the car, which remained in eye sight and just a few steps away, and he played and waved while I talked. At one point, Isaac had given my a funny look, not a happy playing look, so I walked over to the car and to my surprise my precious one was upset. As soon as I opened the car door an aroma wave of poop hit me in the face.

Figuring he had just gone poop - which is a common result of his "aown time". However, I soon realized that there was poop in his shoes, under the inserts of his shoes, in his socks, down his pants, in his hair, up his back and ALL OVER the back seat.

There was poop in his car seat, there was poop on my back window and in various places through out the back seat. I open the driver side door to get some wipes out of the front seat and I find more poop.

There was poop on the dashboard, down the front of the glove box, in the passenger seat and all over the center console. To my surprise there were wipes covering most of these areas. My precious little son had gotten into the wipes and attempted to clean up the mess. Bless his heart!

I was left with no wipes following his clean up efforts so I striped him down to his birthday suit and rinsed him off with the bottled water I had in my truck. I then wrapped up his naked self in a blanket that was also in my trunk and thrown the diaper and clothes away. I did save the shoes as they are his FAVORITE!

However, my sweet pea was still very upset and when I asked him why, he promptly told me "binkie got dirty, I can't cween it. I can't do it. I wust can't do it" I told him I had to throw his binkie away which make him more upset but then I promised him I would buy him a new one.

His response "new orange binkie?"

Mama: "Yes baby, mama will buy you a new binkie"

Isaac: "Orange!!! Orange"

I agreed to purchase him a new orange binkie - apparently that one was his favorite.

We got home, daddy helped clean up Isaac while I cleaned the car... however, after using an entire container of Clorox wipes, Antibacterial Windex, two rolls of paper towels, soap and water, I had to leave a dryer sheet in the car and leave all the windows down as the smell would not leave the vehicle.

And today, the smell still lingers, the car seat pads are washed and dried, and I am now struggling to remember how they went on the car seat in the first place. But, we are no worse for the wear and the car is clean, which I have wanted to do for a few weeks.

It was a humbling mama experience, one that I can laugh about now, but one that still makes my heart hurt just a little bit...


  1. Boy oh boy isn't that a fun one!! When my (poor) middle child was 3 she got Fifth Disease and boy will that make you have the WORST smelling unholdable runny poop EVER!!! Poor thing coudn't make it into the house to the pot and when in her pants while pulling up to the house. I think it took a good week or two to get the smell out. Good luck with the smell, it'll go away in time.