Thursday, April 15, 2010

Capture life in Pixels

My sister has started a new adventure... and if anyone can do it, she can... she is the one in our family who I would say is the "artist"... she is creative, she can use a sewing machine, she can play the piano, she can do almost any craft there is and she enjoys them.

She has recently set out on a mission to capture everyday life in pixels. Her goal is not capture the perfect picture… if there even is such a thing. Her goal is to capture the personality, character, and uniqueness of each subject. She see's photography as an art.

You see, our grandma is a water color artist. And our great-aunt is a children’s book author. Not to mention our great-uncle works magic with rocks and gems. And she is blessed with the artistic gene, and it just happens to come out in her photography.

She has captured some of my favorite memories as a mama...

She has brought back memories from childhood with a click of her lenses...

(on a side note, I ran into a parked car on my bike in Jr. High because I was checking out a cute boy, so that is why I just LOVE this picture)

She has taken ordinary days and turned them into life long beloved pictures...

And I could not be more proud of her. Please check out her personal blog: CLICK HERE
It is on her personal blog where you will fall in love with the most precious little niece one auntie could ask for and get a little peek into her life.

Check out her photography site: CLICK HERE
It is on this site that you will see what a great artist she is behind the camera.

I love you Mandy! I know there was a time in life when we use to beat up on each other on the play ground, and you know better than anyone that I would do just about anything for you. I support you in this new adventure and am so excited I could just pee my pants and spit Dr. Pepper out my nose. So here is to a great new adventure, may Sweet Jesus bless it richly and beyond your wildest dreams... I LOVE YOU!

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  1. I love you!! THANK YOU!!! GOM is going to go sooooooooo many places too. You have the gift of connecting with people on a level they never thought possible.

    I LOVE YOU!!!