Friday, May 7, 2010

Coupon Notebook

At the request of my friends, here is a little more detail on my coupon notebook...

I purchased this notebook at Target, actually I purchased the inserts too at Target...

... the inserts I purchased are two sizes, one is a 5x7 top loading plastic cover sheet, and the second insert I purchased is a three pocket plastic page, that is used to typically hold business cards, each pocket is also top loading ....

... the very first page in my notebook is a 5x7 insert that holds my shopping list.... I think it is handy to have it right there in my notebook.

Following the Shopping List page, is where the coupon glory begins. As you can see in the picture above, some coupons are kept in the 3 part plastic insert, which are labeled by category.

The picture below is an example of the 5x7 plastic insert that is used to hold coupons for the categories I have an abundance of coupons for... ie: cleaning/diapers & wipes/etc...

The coupons categories that I have within my notebook are: Baking, Boxed Dinners, Canned Foods, Candy, Cereal, Cleaning (5x7 page), Beverages (5x7 page), Clothing, Dairy, Dessert, Diapers & Wipes (5x7 page), Dressing & Sauces, PB&J, Spices, Frozen, Health & Beauty(5x7 page), Fresh Produce, House Stuff, Bread, Meat (5x7 page), Medication & Pharmacy (5x7 page), Snacks (5x7 page)...

... the last two pages in my notebook are reserved for Gift Cards, Restaurant Coupons and Receipts.

All of the inserts are labeled with sticky tabs that I also purchased at Target.

The thing I like the most about my notebook is the size, it fits nicely in my purse and it isn't too small to keep all my coupons. I put it all together for under $15.00.

I hope you love your coupon cutting and collecting as much as I do! It sure has saved our family a lot of money!

Happy Savings!


  1. love this idea Mary! Now if I could just get it together to start doing this. Time! That's something you lose with each child:(. But by goly, some day I WILL do coupons!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!! Happy Mothers Day!

  3. You. Are. FABULOUS.

  4. I've seen the book... it's amazing... Can I pay you to put one together for me?!?!?!

    Will you also find the coupons?!?!?!

    Love you!!