Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Esther...

Today is my sister in law's birthday... We don't have the typical in law relationship, we actually LOVE each other. From the very beginning of my relationship with Andrew, I loved his sister!

It's no secret that I married my husband for his family, and his good looks. But I LOVE his family! And his sister, my sister is no exception.

I would do ANYTHING for this woman. Someone hurts her, they hurt me. Someone makes her happy, they make me happy. Someone loves her, I love them. You see how this works?

She is incredibly intelligent. She has a kick ass tattoo that is so beautiful and personal. She wears her tattoo with pride, she lives her live with integrity and she is one of those woman I want to be like in many ways.

Just like her mama, Esther is a woman who knows when to say something and when to keep quiet, and that is not a skill that I have. I just open my mouth and insert my foot most of the time, and these women love me anyways.

Just like her mama, this woman has musical talent most people would kill for. I could listen to her play the piano everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. If I were to ever win the lottery, I would have a HUGE grand piano and I would pay her millions of dollars a year to come and play it each day.

When she plays the piano, I am at peace. Her talent has served as a source of comfort for me during some of the most trying times in my life. I just listen to her play and the world just seems better, my to do list seems manageable and my Sweet Jesus just seems to be more tangible.

She is a woman I love deeply. She is a woman I respect and admire. She has been through more than I could handle and she walked her road with the up most integrity. She understands me. She loves me and she is just freaking fabulous!

I cannot deny that there is something special between a brother and his little sister. There is a bond that is powerful. And my man would do anything for his sister and I think that is one of the most fabulous things about him. He loves her with no strings attached. He supports her in EVERYTHING she does. There is nothing that could ever come between these two...

And the coolest thing I have been able to watch, is her love for my baby. Nothing makes a mama happier than to watch her child be loved by the people she loves. This woman LOVES my son. She loves him in the most pure way I have ever seen. She adores him, she plays with him, and man does HE LOVE HER...

Esther, my dear sweet sister and friend: I love you more than words can say. I am proud of you and am honored that your brother chose me to be your sister in law! I love our conversations. I cherish our adult beverage memories and I hope I am blessed with a daughter, so she can grow up and be just like you!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet One!

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