Sunday, May 9, 2010

For my son... on Mother's Day...

Dear Isaac,

You are my first born son, you are our namesake, you are my son. Our son. On the day you were born, your daddy and I couldn't have been happier. I remember just wanting to hear your cry for the very first time, and when I finally did, it was music to my ears! You were beautiful, your eyes captivated me and your little body just seemed to fit perfectly as you laid on me to rest. Hearing y our heart beat against mine was powerful. Feeling your tiny fingers grip my finger, left me speechless.

You captured my heart from the moment I found out about you. Your name, Isaac Martin, was given to you by Sweet Jesus. You see, mama and daddy never really had another name, it was just given to us. Isaac means laughter, and my son, your laugh is like honey to my lips baby. And, Martin, that is my daddy's name, your grandpa.

And your daddy, man, I cannot tell you how much I love him. You see, he is the BEST daddy in the world! He loves you more than anything, he is the leader of our house, he is the lover of your mama and a child of God. His passion for Jesus is one I pray we pass on to you and his work ethic is something I pray you admire as much I as do.

I couldn't be happier to be your mama and your daddy's wife. I love you my sweet son! I pray Jesus blesses you in ways I can never imagine!

Sweet Jesus - I pray blessing over the men in my life. Bless my love with your peace, bless my son with your truth. I praise you for the gifts you have given me, for the life you have blessed and for the marriage you have founded. I love you, I serve you and I am humbled by all you have given me. Thank you!

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