Thursday, November 26, 2009

My cup over flows...

This is my one and only. My husband. My lover. My passion. My best friend. My partner. My covering and my safe place. This is the man the Lord had in mind for me to spend the rest of my life with, and I could not want more.

He is the strongest man I know. He has overcome things that would have defeated me. He is a man on integrity. He is honest. He is a man of prayer. He is a lover of Jesus. He is the best father any son could ask for. He is supportative and he is REAL. No one can make me laugh like him. We just "get" eachother, he knows what I need before I ask, he knows my heart and he knows everything there is to know about me and loves me anyway.

He accepts me for who I am and yet, challenges me. He tells it like it is, you know, like the time I missed spelled his mother's name in a scrapbook I made for HER for Christmas. I don't have to be perfect around him. I can be myself, I can be the woman who cannot spell to save her life and yet is obessed with cleaning and organization, I can cry at the Office Wedding, I can be angry for no reason, I can attempt to tell him how I am feeling and when I fail to do a good job, he is patient.

Jesus, I PRAISE you for all the things I am Thankful for. You have blessed me with far more than I deserve. You have placed people in my life that love me and love you. I can not praise you enough for them. You are good and You are holy and I love you and want to my life to be a reflection of you. Do what you will in my life and bless me with the oppurtunity to bring you glory. Protect the people you have placed in my life. Bless them beyond measure and grant them the deepest desires of their heart. Give them peace, give them wealth, give them grace and give them love. Protect them Jesus, they are important to me. I love you. Amen

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