Thursday, November 19, 2009

Working Days and Fun Nights..

So, we have now come to a very fun place in life. At the end of the day I leave work and am just beginning my FAVORITE part of the day... Family Time... and recently, we have added an activity to Monday and Wednesday nights. Isaac has started swim lessons and I just don't think there is anything more precious in the world... I promise to post more pictures, but for now... there is just one...

I think it is a great picture that demonstrates trust. His teacher has her hand stretch out, just trying to "get" him in the water on the very first day. It is the most precious 30 minutes of the night.

And then, there is the story of Isaac developing a very strong willed personality. You see, this is something he DOES NOT get from his mama. I have no idea where this part of his personality came from, but Isaac is totally into doing things himself or as he says "I do it self".

He likes to hold his own hand in parking lots.

He puts on his own shoes, or at least will try for a good 10 minutes before letting mama help him.

He likes to get out of his carseat by himself.

And he likes to pick out what he wears to bed...

Yes, he is becoming "his own person" and I could not enjoy this stage of life with him more.

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