Monday, February 20, 2012

House: The Playroom

Our home has three bedrooms, and with two kids one would think we would use the bedrooms for the kids. But, when we lived in our townhome we created a play space for Isaac under the stairs in a closet. We learned the value of having a play space for the kids. So, at Isaac's request, the kids share a bedroom (more on their room tomorrow), and the kids have a playroom.

The playroom is often messy. The toys are out, being played with, the train track runs across the floor and Caitlyn is often found in her bouncy seat just hanging out with her brother.

Isaac and Caitlyn are very blessed with their own TV. They are able to watch movies on the Wii and sometimes Daddy rents a special movie from the Red Box. They also spend time together watching movies that are just for Caitlyn, movies Isaac watched when he was younger, he sings along and Caitlyn laughs and laughs!

On most days, we have time during the day that we call no TV time, they can still play in the playroom, but the TV cannot be on...

...Spider Man, Buzz and Woody often come out to play...

...books come off the shelf and are read over and over again...

...stuffed animals are everywhere...

...Thomas and his friends are always busy running on the tracks, they often share space with the Monster Trucks that have recently come home.

And we must not forget Lighting McQueen and his friends. They race and race and race.

The play room is a room just for them. It is their space. It is the place where they can play together, rest, laugh, watch movies and make memories. It is the room that is suppose to be messy, it isn't suppose to look perfect. It is perfect, just for them.

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