Sunday, February 19, 2012

House: The Living Room

The living room is where we live. We laugh, we dance to Jam CD's, we watch TV, mama writes at her desk, we race cars, monster trucks and trains and we read.

The couch is big, it is comfortable and it is where we snuggle together at the end of the day. It is perfect!

This is often my view as I feed Caitlyn, watch Isaac play, read, do some Bible Study or just rest. The quilt is my favorite, it was my husbands before he was my husband and it was made by his grandmother whom I love.

Pictures of our beloved family and friends surround us. Hand painted art is not hard to find in our house and the things that make it home are displayed and very much loved.

The clock was made by my husband in 1996 and is one of those beloved items we will have forever. Books and diapers fill the entertainment center.

Caitlyn plays in the pack and play in the corner.

She spends time in her bouncy seat which moves from room to room in our house, it has been seen in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the playroom.

And sometimes she naps in her swing.

My desk is the place where I write, blog, cut coupons, sort mail, read, research, run Girls Only Ministry and feed my addiction to office supplies and caffeine.

We do a lot in this room. We live in this room, we laugh here, we rest here and we are at home here. It is perfect!

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